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La Ruche
45° 30' 31.212" N, 73° 33' 14.3748" W

The kitchen is alive and open at La Ruche, fueling creativity and community! Like many things at the art hive, this kitchen was built with an idea, a spark, an interest, and a collaborative effort of studio participants all outfitting the space with tools, ingredients, handmade cupboards and dreamt up recipes.

Over the course of the summer the kitchen has been open once a month, inviting studio participants to discover ingredients, recipes, smells, and tastes. We have collaborated, played, experimented, and learned from each other. The kitchen has been a delicious host to intergenerational groups formed spontaneously, sharing together in the experience of cooking, tasting, and sharing the tasty final products with all the artists in the studio. Incorporating the garden straight into the kitchen, cooks have been encouraged to wander outside, discover fresh ingredients in our garden, and bring them right back into their dish. As we cook, we've remembered past meals and dreamt of new ones we'd like to make and share together in the future.

It has been a longstanding dream of mine to promote and support creative fuel in community kitchens. I'm excited to see how my initiative grows within the community and am proud to have planted the seed at La Ruche. It continues to be a pleasure facilitating monthly cooking projects with the artists from the studio and witnessing their creativity spread down into the oven, a new hearth at this art hive.

~Lindsay Clarke                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Community Cook, Artist, and Art Therapist. 

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