Open Art Hive

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103 West Seneca Street Room 303 (The Clinton House)
14850 Ithaca , NY
United States
New York US
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Emily Millen



Dance, Move, and Make!

We are a group of artists, dancers, and creative arts therapists looking to build accessible and inclusive free art spaces around Ithaca and Tompkins county (New York State Finger Lakes). Come join the conversation!

We are opening our hive with our first open art studio session on the first Friday of June!

June 2nd, 6:15 - 8:00 at The Art Therapy Studio Ithaca.  Come join us in free and open art making with sacred circles skill shares. Bring your ideas! All are welcome! Wheelchair accessible.


June 3rd, 10-6 at Ithaca Festival

Come join us in free and open art making for all ages! Summer dreaming mini workshops will be offered (mask-making, paper crafts, nature weaving and more!) and spontaneous art-making opportunities for all (kids, teens, and adults of all ages).


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