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Enjoyable, accessible community group programs relieve stress and overwhelm, promote emotional health & foster personal & spiritual growth in a vitalizing, judgement-free environment. By awakening our sense of shared humanity, art-making strengthens communities, one person at a time.

Research shows that making art and being creative relieves stress, anxiety, and depression, supports personal growth, renews brain function, and last but not least, protects against degenerative cognitive conditions. Plus, time spent engaging with the arts encourages compassion and supportive community.

It can be argued, therefore, that creativity forms the basis of a healthy human society.  After all, it supports individuals while it strengthens the connections between them. Indeed, the impulse to create has been documented along the entire span of human history.  As we always have, today we still share a human need to explore, learn about, and share from our authentic selves. Our own healing and the evolution of humanity depends on it. 

Freya Community Art Studio creates that kind of safe space, helping people connect with and celebrate their creative spirit, and integrate it into their lives.  Drawing on mindfulness techniques, the psychology of creativity, and collaborative best-practice, and inspired by luscious natural art materials, Freya creates stimulating learning experiences for those who hunger to live life, to understand themselves, and to connect with others ever more deeply.  

My clients are resourceful people who value exploration, wisdom, community, inner strength, soul, and simple & sustainable solutions––Freya shares these values and serves them.

Our offerings are unique to the seasons, and responsive to community need. There are short programs and longer ones, indoor and outdoor ones; there is series work, and one-off pop-ups. Some examples include:

  • Companions have I: Embellishing Alexander Girard-inspired wooden spindle dolls
  • Responding to art: Meaningful journaling in the gallery
  • Letting go: Immersive process painting
  • A coat of many colors: Collaging the Self
  • Confronted with the truth: Mask-making as personal inquiry
  • Anti-hike: The joys of stopping, staying still, and being with in nature
  • Myth-tending for moderns: Heros' journeys to the heart of humanity (and back)
  • Far from fragments: The art of accidental poetry
  • This Big: Thinking, Moving, Painting, Writing, Being Bigger
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Volunteer organization.

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