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  • "Desert Flower"  by Diana Vozian.


    How do we cope with feelings of isolation? 
    Come to a virtual Art Hive or stay connected by sharing your art with the online community.

    To help us stay connected, initiatives are popping up all around the globe. From displaying little signs of hope in the form of a rainbow on our windows to singing from our balconies to virtually gathering to make art online. This goes to show that creativity and generosity put together can make the world a brighter place to be.

  • Collage, by Heidi Lee Smith.

    Collage by Heidi Smith


  • Welcome, everyone!

    The Pop Up Virtual Art Hive was created during Quarantine and ran as the first virtual art hive with twice daily zoom calls Monday to Friday, from March 16 until May 16, 2020.

    This group now continues to exist as a self-directed space where people can share artwork and experiment with bringing forth new ideas involving creating art together in community.

    Please feel free to also post any inspiring videos, skill shares, and information about any free art-making sessions happening in the virtual community.





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