The Art Hives Summer Institute 2017, in Somerville, MA - July 20-23


Are you thinking about starting an art hive in your community? 
Are you working in an existing art hive and would like to improve its functioning or expand its activities? Are you looking to connect with people who share your dream? This training is just for you!

After these 4 days, you will take away:
-A new network of passionate colleagues and the many skills, ideas, tools and art making we will have shared together.
-An overview of different art hives models (legal structures, organizational models) and ways to get them off the ground and sustain them.
-A deepened understanding of the values and philosophical and historical inspirations of Art Hives and of the impact of these arts-based third spaces on individuals and communities.

The Art Hives Summer Institute is a 4-day experiential intensive teaching the theory, methods and materials to create inclusive public home places which bring multiple opportunities for community building and healing through art making, dialogue and skillsharing into neighbourhoods.

On invitation from Lauren Leone, founder and director of Fiber Hive in Somerville, MA, this course will be offered by Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos, Creative Arts Therapies professor at Concordia University and Rachel Chainey, Art Hives Network National Coordinator and social entrepreneur, in collaboration with diverse Art Hives practitioners. It is designed for professionals already working in an Art Hive setting or serious about getting started with that type of third space. While covering the theoretical underpinnings and practical aspects, it will also provide plenty of time for group discussion, skillsharing, site visits and hands-on community art studio sessions. 

No prerequisite courses are needed. Previous experience in a community art studio is preferable.

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