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2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 400
22202 Arlington , VA
United States
Virginia US

***  This art hive is not active at the moment ***


Though the team at The 296 Project doesn't offer Art Therapy directly, it is very much at the core of what we do to provide the resources to a program participant who is in need.

We believe that Art Therapy, as in any form of creative expression, can give our program participants a voice where they may not have had one before. The tenets of art therapy involve humanism, creativity, reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, and personal growth.

The new Combat Veterans Healing Space will broaden the organization’s mission, promoting the creative arts as an outlet for veterans who may be uncomfortable with formal therapy or simply need a space for expression through the visual, written and performing arts.

If you can’t afford to pay for art therapy with a board certified art therapist, my guess is you are not going to go out and spend money on canvas, paint brushes, clay, guitars or amps. We’re just a a nonprofit that’s here to help if you need to express yourself.


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Monetary and In-Kind Donations from:

- The General Public
- Partners such as (but not limited to) paint store, art supply stores, office supply stores

We also recieve a small amount funding via sales of:

- "296 Project" T-Shirts
- "296 Project" Challenge Coins
- Art Sales

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