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What's an Art Hive?

An Art Hive is a community art studio that welcomes everyone as an artist.

From an art pop-up in a local library to a community studio or gallery, at its heart, an Art Hive is about inclusion, respect and learning.

It's a welcoming place to talk, make art and build communities. Responding in creative ways to things that matter.

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Latest News

  • Three people at the Concordia Art Hive, downtown.

    Photo credit: Rachel Chainey

    by Wendy Singer

    C I R C L E S  O F  S U P P O R T  F E A T U R E


  • View of the Concordia Art Hive, Loyola campus. Two people making art.

    Photo credit: Rachel Chainey.

      The Art Hives Initiative harbours spaces for expression and connection

    FRINGE ARTS FEATURES Olivia Piché — Published November 27, 2021 

    "Around the city and across the world, diverse spaces are used to house community art studios, some of which belong to the Art Hives Initiative.

  • I met with Yafa Goawily, facilitator of the Cornwall Art Hive to learn more about it.
    I recorded the conversation with the idea to help me write this blog, but the conversation was so enriching and honest
    that I decided to use the video instead of writing about it.

    I hope you enjoy learning about this art hive directly from Yafa as much as I did.

  • Pop-Up Art Hive, Montreal

    For over a decade, art hives have provided Montreal art lovers with community art studios where they could mingle and hone their painting or mixed-media skills. Prepandemic, there were 40 of these grassroots organizations across the island. Each provided indoor space and materials to create art with little or no supervision and for free.

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