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What's an Art Hive?

An Art Hive is a community art studio that welcomes everyone as an artist.

From an art pop-up in a local library to a community studio or gallery, at its heart, an Art Hive is about inclusion, respect and learning.

It's a welcoming place to talk, make art and build communities. Responding in creative ways to things that matter.

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  • Dorval art hive, space and community

    What motivated you to start this art hive?

    Each of us being creative at heart, we both had experienced the personal, therapeutic and community benefits of participating in Art Hives during several years. Throughout, we were always feeling inspired to bring an Art Hive to Dorval, since there were none offered in our own community. We decided to collaborate on starting a Dorval Art Hive, after meeting in Janis Timm-Bottos' "Community Arts Studio" course at Concordia,

  • Qu'est-ce qui vous a motivé à démarrer cette ruche d'art ?

    Offrir un endroit dédié à les échanges créatifs pour la communauté et aussi l’approche studio ouvert, l’accueil, le partage des connaissances, la gratuité; c’est mon bénévolat!


    Quelle est une chose qui fonctionne très bien dans votre ruche d'art ?

  • Creating to heal

    Concordians are harnessing the power of the arts to help people cope with loss
    October 24, 2022

    By Ian Harrison, BComm 01, with files from Richard Burnett, BA 88
    Source: Concordia University Magazine



  • What motivated you to start this art hive?

    The Living Room Community Art Studio

    What is one thing that is working really well in your art hive?

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