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Saturday, June 8, 2024 - 00:00
30 The Queensway
M6R 1B5 Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

The art hive is an inclusive and welcoming space to create art and facilitate health.

It is voluntary and open to all patients and staff; you can come for the full-time or just parts of it as you wish.

It is based on human dignity and invites patients and team members to join and create together in a safe place.

It is strengths-based and sees creativity and art-making as basic human needs. It encourages self-directive exploration and creation, promoting agency.

Art hives are based on compassion and a non-judgemental stance. Each one is invited to “come as you are”. The focus is on the process and being (and not on the end result). 

It has a community and environmental stance and aims to use gift economy and recycled materials for creative supplies.

Beni Rotberg
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