Community Art Studio: Methods and Materials Projects

Firmly rooted in the Psychologies of Liberation (Watkins & Shulman, 2008), public practice creative arts therapies as developed at Concordia University invites all students to begin to examine their own social location as it relates to privilege, power, public health, and the oppressive forces of colonialism and gentrification at play in their communities. Throughout the course, students undertake important steps of a journey, deepening their understanding of these concepts and their personal relationship to them, through art-making and the reflective practice of field notes. The course culminates with a public presentation of the students' final projects, attended by community members, academic and other partners, and funders.

Community Art Studio Projects

  • By Emmily Lai


    The Guelph GreenZine Tour is an initiative to revitalize Guelph’s awareness and connection to its local community gardens, by hosting art hive pop-ups within the gardens to create natural homespaces. Guelph GreenZine Tour hopes to encourage spontaneous art-making for personal healing and a community zine project, forming a new way of communicating our collective eco-consciousness, social commentary, and connectedness to the land. Guelph GreenZine Tour has the potential to combine the city’s passion for agriculture, eco-consciousness, and the creative arts, and address community issues regarding food security, conservation projects, and Indigenous reconciliation


    CATS631: Community Art Studio

    Janis Timm-Bottos, Rachel Chainey, and Nina Pariser

    Concordia University, Creative Arts Therapy

    June, 2021

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