Heartwood Hub Art Hive

220 Harmony Lane
95542 Garberville , CA
United States
California US
Opening Hours: 

Varies Seasonally: Generally 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily  (spring and summer)

                                           9:00 am to 5;00 pm daily ( fall and winter )   

Contact information: 

George Lea, Art Programs Manager, Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary, 220 Harmony Lane, Garberville, CA 95542 phone: office 707-923-5001 email: art@heartwoodhub.com  or pctcascades@gmail.com

Current status: 
George Lea

The Art Dept. at Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary, is currently exploring ways of merging Artist Collectives, Artist Residencies, Makers Spaces, and a community based Art Hive. Workshops and Conferences are currently being planned for 2020, and are expected to become a regular part of the Art Dept.'s offerings. This process is being facilitated by George Lea, Art Programs Manager at Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary and the Heartwood Community Hub.

For general informatione about Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary and it's Art Dept. visit www.heartwoodhub.com  

George Lea the Art Program Manager may be contacted via email at art@heartwoodhub.com with specific inquiries you may also request to be added to our mailing lists for further information on Heartwood's course offerings and opportunities.

Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary is situated on 200 wilderness acres in the mountains of Northern California, the campus includes both community kitchens as well as a commercially licensed kitchen, ammenities in addition to the art department include a non-denominational straw bale temple, classrooms, a hot tub, a outdoor bromine pool (seasonal), and sauna.  

Funded by: 

Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary in collaboration with the Art Dept. and area residents

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