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    Episode 1- La Ruche d'Art de l'AATQ (Association des art-thérapeutes du Québec /Quebec's Art Therapists Association)
    A new video episode will be released each week.

    ''Art Hives from Coast-to-Coast: Weaving a Collective Narrative'' is an academic research project conducted by Rachel Chainey, MA Candidate in Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University.

  • Incorporating Art In The Science Curriculum

    August 24, 2017 - Imaginative Education (IE): Activities & Insights, Wonder-Full Links & Resources

    By Jailson Lima (Chemistry Department, Vanier College, Montreal, QC)


  • By Yvette Salinas, of the NDG Art Hive and St-Raymond's Cheap Art Collective When an Animator with the After School program at the St. Raymond Community Center let me know the kids were asking to do another Art Project (they had helped with the Haunted Melrose Tunnel and Kay Noele’s Quilted Quartier project), Jody Negley’s St. Henri project instantly came to mind. Besides celebrating the beauty of the city, there was something about it that had plenty of potential as a group art project.

  • Circle of Belonging

    by Hailey Tallman

    This art therapy research paper is about the universal human need to belong, and my autoethnographic attempts to answer how we can find and foster belonging in Art Hives and our communities.


  • The model and practice of Art Hives have evolved through two decades of sustained practice research, continuous observation and adaptation, and experimentation with spaces and organizational structures led by Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos, who has developed and established six successful art hives in different locations across North America.

  • Hey everyone!
    Our group is interested in spreading information to local businesses how and why arts and culture is beneficially on a community and economic level. We are building momentum as an organization but are having difficulty getting the local businesses supportive to what we are trying to accomplish. If we don't have to reinvent the wheel that would be great! We are looking for some information - really basic but impactful as to how community art helps with the economy. Research based - hard evidence stuff would be great - thanks everyone!

  • The Policies and Procedures orginally written for the Art Street in 1998. Please extract and share as you wish to support your Art Hive.

  • To Combat Weak Social Ties, a New Way to Create

    An 'arts hive' with focus on therapy puts expression before instruction.

  •     It wasn’t expected that I would find a place like La Lucciola; it was just an uncanny coincidence, one that fell right from the sky into my lap. I was walking with a friend along Via Cavour, in downtown Palermo, Sicily, and I caught sight of the little theatre from across the street. “Let’s go there,” I said catching sight of the bright murals on the outside door. It was locked, but I rang the doorbell, and I was very happy that I did. It was my first meeting with Nadia, a bright, cheerful 30-something woman with wild curly hair.

  • Discover how making puppets brought the community together...

  • Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, Vol 28, Issue 2, 2011 

    An article about a 9 month pilot project reclaiming fabric waste using methods of the community art studio located in a Women In Need (WIN) thrift store in Nelson, BC

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