by Roxanne Martel


My idea comes from my participation in a mask-making project: volunteers-sewing-masks.

In total, more than 2,600 masks were produced, I did 75 of them. We used a DIY tutorial available here: mask-tutorial

It takes about an hour to do a mask. They are reusable, washable and they are made of fabric so they can pretty much return to the earth when they cannot be used anymore.


I was very grateful to be part of this activity. During the pandemic, it was important for me to believe in our institution and to find a sense of purpose. I wanted to make an art piece as a gift and highlight the positive aspects of this project, hoping that it can encourage similar initiatives in the future. The central piece of this big mask measures 30 inches by 14 inches. I simplified the instructions and wrote the steps on the fabric. I hope that other students will see this and heal a little by seeing that solidarity took place. Everyone can learn from it, have a better idea about how a mask is made in a way that respects the environment and promotes local initiatives.


The social determinant linked to my project would be access to healthcare resources. The university provided support from the Health and Safety department and the Fibre department donated resources in terms of bias tape and appropriate fabric. Another social determinant would be education since the university as an institution is taking a step forward to support the community in difficult times. Similar initiatives took place in Quebec and they are all good examples of how a society can adapt to change and produce a positive outcome.

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