Joining the Butterflyway Project


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By Lucyna Straszynski

The Butterflyway Project is a citizen-led organization to plant neighbourhood ecosystems for bees and butterflies across Canada. It is funded by the David Suzuki organization (Check the map of 100 neighbourhoods hosting Butterflyways). This project allows residents of any neighbourhood to focus on bettering their communities by producing more biodiversity in plant and animal species, as well as inviting individuals to create new relationships with neighbours and feel included in a movement. These newly forming relationships foster feelings of inclusion and support that could benefit mental health. During the pandemic, it can be hard to feel motivated to go out and participate in socially distanced activities. Community organizations such as the Butterflyway Project enables residents across Canada to participate in a networking activity while working safely outside.


My choice to join the Butterflyway project was prompted by my good friend Ethan after mentioning the summer course. After considering the type of community development project I wanted to be apart of, it got me thinking about what other community projects were also underway locally that I was not aware of.  I recently made the trip from Toronto to Montreal in order to plan a move from one apartment to another. I was delighted to see the large number of impromptu gardens lining the streets of the Plateau and Mile End. As I stay here now, I find it increasingly intriguing to join one of these many neighbourhood gardening projects. There is an urban garden run by the neighbourhood on the same street as my house!

Below are two photos of the types of pollination plants planted by the organization: Two different variations of daisies.

For more details or to apply as an individual or school to Butterflyway Project, visit Butterflyway 

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