Building bridges: Linking communities at Concordia University to strengthen access to Art Hives


Andrea Cook is student pursuing her MA in Art Therapy from Concordia University. She holds a BA in Psychology and worked as a professional photographer before pursuing a career in Art Therapy. She has extensive experience within the Art Hive Network in Montreal, having held both student and professional positions during her time at Concordia University. Her professional, personal and academic history have resulted in a genuine love of research and social justice that inspires a deep desire to strengthen Art therapy as a profession through collaborative projects.

Project description: 

The goal of this project was to develop exchanges between organizations at Concordia and the Concordia University Art Hive (CUAH) in the summer semester of 2018. The internship award offered the opportunity to spread the knowledge of the CUAH to Concordia students at the Concordia University Student Parents Centre (CUSP) and Concordia Counselling Services through an Art Hive in their Zen Den. Invaluable insight was gained on how the CUAH benefits different student populations and how to effectively develop long-lasting sustainable relationships. Students and their families were positively impacted by discovering an accessible, non-judgmental space where imagination and creativity can be explored without requiring membership or personal information. Developing strong relationships with CUSP and mental health services on campus also laid the groundwork for a future PhotoVoice project with immigrant parents in the Concordia University Art Hive.

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