Guelph GreenZine Tour

By Emmily Lai


The Guelph GreenZine Tour is an initiative to revitalize Guelph’s awareness and connection to its local community gardens, by hosting art hive pop-ups within the gardens to create natural homespaces. Guelph GreenZine Tour hopes to encourage spontaneous art-making for personal healing and a community zine project, forming a new way of communicating our collective eco-consciousness, social commentary, and connectedness to the land. Guelph GreenZine Tour has the potential to combine the city’s passion for agriculture, eco-consciousness, and the creative arts, and address community issues regarding food security, conservation projects, and Indigenous reconciliation


CATS631: Community Art Studio

Janis Timm-Bottos, Rachel Chainey, and Nina Pariser

Concordia University, Creative Arts Therapy

June, 2021

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