Endangered Threads: Socially Committed Community Art Action

Timm-Bottos, J.


This article describes a 9-month community action project that took the form of an art studio located in a thrift store. The purpose of the project was to creatively reduce clothing fabric waste from unused donations, and also to document the social justice and ecological issues involved in clothing production and distribution. Collaboration with an art therapist coordinator, volunteers, and thrift shop workers gradually grew to attract local crafters, youth "refashion designers," and free clothing distributors and recipients. A youth-initiated event incubated within the studio, as well as other results of the project, indicated successful and sustainable community building and expression. Community art therapy methods helped realize the goal of relational transformation and meaningful action. 

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Timm-Bottos, J. (2011). Endangered threads: socially committed community art action. Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 28(2), 57–63.

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