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  • Bienvenidxs a la Colmena de Arte en Línea!

    El distanciamiento social nos ha mostrado lo importante que es la conexión social en nuestro día a día.

    La investigación científica, muestra que las actividades creativas ayudan a reducir la ansiedad al tiempo que promueven conexiones significativas, incluso cuando no podemos estar en la misma habitación.

    Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer un espacio gratuito de expresión creativa, para compartir y conectarse con otros hispanohablantes en el mundo!

    ¡Los esperamxs!

    Facilitadora: Ana Garcia MA.AT 


  • La terre de Marielle est un espace de création multidisciplinaire et interdisciplinaire ouvert aux populations neurodiverses et à besoins spécifiques, où il est possible de marier céramique et l'art de la fibre.

    Marielle's Earth is a creative space for multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity art open to neurodiverse and special needs populations, where we can both learn the ancients arts of ceramics and fibers. 

  • Bonjour!

    Dans le cadre de notre projet Artegration chez Pause Famille, nous allons avoir des ruches d'arts une fois par mois style 'pop-up' afin d'acceuillir des familles nouvellement arrivés dans leur pays d'acceuil. Nous invitons tout le monde qui aimerons venir. 


    As part of our Artegration project at Pause Famille; once a month, there will be a 'pop-up' Art Hive to welcome newly arrived families. We invite everyone who would like to come.

  • Halcyon Haven Community Art Studio is a safe space where individuals are welcomed to engage in the arts while having the opportunity to connect with others.

  • Located in the Cornerstone Arts and Culture Center in Wynyard Saskatchewan the art nest was started as part of Art therapy student, Dana Stefanson's Major research project for her diploma program at WHEAT Institute. The Everything from the space to furniture, tools and supplies are donated and it is facilitated by Dana and a group of teen volunteers.

    The aims of the studio are:

    ·       To offer a safe and welcoming place for creativity

    ·       To highlight the mental health benefits of engaging in the creative process

  • SIUe/STL Art Hives is the local chapter of the art-therapy led initiatives creating community art studios that welcome everyone as an artist. From an art pop-up in a local library to a community studio or gallery, at its heart, an Art Hive is about inclusion, respect and learning. It’s a welcoming place to talk, make art and build communities. Responding in creative ways to things that matter.

  • Native Immigrant and Métèque have collaborated to open Native Immigrant Art Hive, a space to share our stories, create art, and love the land.

  • An experimental art hive has been set up in Arbat Refugee Camp ( I like the name Arc in English for our art hive! A safe place). At the moment it is only for girls and women of the community, ranging from 6 years upwards. STEP Iraq is an NGO that works in the Sulimanie region of Kurdistan with some of the most vulnerable children.  STEP has been working with Syrian children within the ARC refugee camp in a Child Friendly Space setting since 2013.  I am an art-therapist who has arrived relatively recently, and my job if that of a consultant for the staff members who are doing pyschosocial creative activities with the children and youth who come to our safe space.  As a trained art therapist, I obviously wanted to be able to practise art therapy; to use my skills to help certain children and youth express themselves through creative means, within a safe, professional and therapeutic context. This I have begun to do, but I realised very quickly that I wanted to create a safe context where I could invite bigger groups of different members of the community to participate in creative activities and to experience potential therapeutic benefits.  This is when I discovered the idea of 'art-hives'.  My hope is that this art-hive will benefit  the ARC community, in the short term, and perhaps inspire some of its members to one day open their own art-hive spaces in other parts of Iraq and Syria...to be kind, be human and be the change.....


  • *** Closed / Fermé ***

    Le Centre des Arts de Dollard

    La halte-accueil gratuite de la RUCHE D'ART  pour les adultes et les aînés
    aux Studios d'art du Centre culturel de Dollard.

    Exprimez votre créativité dans nos très populaires studios d'art communautaires.

    Une occasion d'essayer du materiel d'art, de partager vos compétences, d'apprendre, d'enseigner, de jouer et de vous faire de nouveaux amis!
    Aucune experience requise.
    Le matériel sera fourni.
    Café et biscuits seront gracieusement offerts.

  • We are beginning the first, (of what we hope will evolve into many,) Pop-Up Art Hive in Edwardsville as part of the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Art Therapy Counseling Program. We will explore the Art Hives model and start with our students, then our home department of Art & Design. We are exploring relationships with our Sustainability program, the Counseling Center, the Multicultural Center and other collaborators on campus. We additionally are in conversation with community partners in the St. Louis area who are also interested in the Art Hive model.  We look forward to coming back to the site to update our activity and description as the work evolves!



  • Du 4 juillet au 19 août 2016, deux animatrices visiteront des parcs publics de l'arrondissement de Pierrefonds-Roxboro avec une remorque transportant une ruche d'art





  • S.A.Y. (Stories - Art - You) is a project based in Malmö - Sweden, for youth and young adults with experience of migration. 

    S.A.Y. is about learning from each other and expressing important questions through various artistic forms. 

    S.A.Y. is questionning which stories and voices are seen and heard in the society.

  • The Artworks Collective is founded on the premise that through the making of art and the building of relationships in an art collective setting, individual lives, art, and communities can be made and transformed. We believe that in this way, we become personally and socially transformed and transformative in relation to ourselves and others. 

    We at the collective are especially dedicated in taking the challenges that get in the way of art making, relationship, and community building and using them in the service of personal and social transformation. 


  • Starting with Pop Up Art Hives over the coming months the Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle will be seeking to establish a permanent and intergenerational space for our community to be able to undertake unstructured art activities.

    We already have a wide range of programming for anyone aged 0 to 99 our Art Hive will serve as a space to make connections, share stories and build a community together through art and creation.

  • create! in the East Village offers free, drop-in, inclusive (to East Village residents or members of the Golden Age Club) creative programming.

  • Online meetings starting soon :)

  • Natural Essential Life Art Hive is a relatively new project in the Natural Essential Hives grouping. We hold occasion online art hives and seasonal outdoor pop-up art hives. The community at large is welcome to take part in a real life art experience. We coach people that have no art experience to experiment with different media and explore their expressive artistic selves. We promote re-use, reduce, recycling of materials and encourage a zero-waste philosophy.

  • An initiative to explore community want/need for Public Practice Art Therapy & Public Placemaking (on the land of unceded and occupied Nipmuc and Wabanaki territory), to explore potential collaborations with existing programs and community members, and to explore potential sites for continued Pop Ups, potential longer term neighborhood Art Hives. 

  • Co-working artistic space
    *tap into your unlimited potential
    *a place where rainbow warriors unite!
    *comfortable, relaxing, non-toxic environment with respect towards freedom of the individual creative process
    *personal space to hold your projects and belongings
    *organic and vegan selection of drinks available
    *yoga/workshop room
    *internet access and networking resources
    *monthly art show & events
    *artist showcases
    *independently run not-for-profit
    *In support of the 5th dimension
    *Artists supporting artists

  • The space is currently being prepared 

  • La Ruche d'Art Mont-Libre fera partie de notre centre éducatif agile pour les jeunes de 12 à 18 ans pratiquant l’éducation à domicile qui s'inspire des écoles libres et du unschooling.

    Elle sera ouverte à toute la communauté gratuitement pour de la création libre. 


    Mont Libre Art Hive will be part of our agile learning centre located in Montreal for teens aged 12 to 18. 

    It will be open to the broader community for free and open art making. 



  • Mon Atelier créatif est une Coop de solidarité en démarrage à Rimouski, qui a pour mission:

  • Bienvenue à votre future boutique branchée de loisirs créatifs d’occasion à Dunkerque! Ateliers, groupes de soutien, et du prêt d'outils.

    Welcome to your first French upcycle exchange!

  • We're an open & inclusive space in downtown Montreal where all who hope to make a difference in the world through exploring their creativity are welcome. Nous sommes un espace inclusif au centre-ville de Montréal où tous ceux qui espèrent faire une différence dans le monde en explorant leur créativité sont les bienvenus.

  • MidTown is A community space in development in London, Ontario, where people can share food, arts, and ideas for the neighbourhood. MidTown will house a community café and arts space designed to attract a diverse range of people with the intention of sparking connections, conversations and inspirations. We believe there is tremendous un-tapped potential within ordinary individuals, especially youth, to build great neighbourhoods and MidTown is the place for this to happen. The MidTown Arts space is a unique centre which will bring community together through the arts: dance, visual arts, music, theater and other expressive arts mediums. Creativity, in all of its forms, encourages engagement and collaboration among participants and has the ability to readily connect diverse audiences.

  • Though the team at The 296 Project doesn't offer Art Therapy directly, it is very much at the core of what we do to provide the resources to a program participant who is in need.

    We believe that Art Therapy, as in any form of creative expression, can give our program participants a voice where they may not have had one before. The tenets of art therapy involve humanism, creativity, reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, and personal growth.

  • The school in the atelier is a project born from the desire to live a creative morning, or catch a show in the  firefly theater-studio. 

    Space is studied in detail to facilitate listening or the feasibility of the laboratory .

    The project is open to all students in the primary, secondary and higher education, to carry out, together with their teachers, their educational projects with the pleasure of enjoying a morning workshop or performance.


  • *** La Ruche d'art St-Henri closed its doors permanently in the fall of 2020 ***

    La Ruche d’Art is a free community art studio and science shop – open to everyone! It is located in the St-Henri borough in the south-west of Montreal.

    Its mission is to make art more accessible, strengthen links between community members and the university; and celebrate diversity, through art making, dialogue and gardening.

    Since 2011, La Ruche has warmly welcomed thousands of art-makers, families, gardeners, community groups, local residents, and visitors from afar.

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