Where can we find funding for one staff person and stipends for 3 hive supports from Team Possibles?

We are proposing to Halifax Rec. that the Team Possibles Art Collective runs an Art Hive 3 days a week (from their wheelchair accessible space) starting in the Fall.

The Hive would run during the 8 week term, and be open from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Tues., Wed., and Thurs.

Team supports work would include:

set up from 9:30 /10:00,

10:00- 2:00: Help visitors get oriented and work on projects.

2:30 - 4:00: clean up and takedown

We would like funding to give stipends to the Team members who help run the Hive, and funding for one staff person. We are requesting the space be given for free, materials will be donated, or we will raise funds through art sales.

Are there any suitable funding programs for this?

Thanks Renee

Kit Section: 

Employment programs, local deputies, Katimavik and interns from colleges and universities!

Hi Renée, 

That's exciting news!! 

I can only speak from my experience here in Quebec unfortunately, but I bet there are similar programs in your province:

-Local deputies (provincial for sure, and probably federal as well, haven't checked yet) have discretionary funds to support volunteer work in their riding. Those would be perfect for your stipends! Some organizations I know have been getting 500$-2000$ to support their volunteers.

-Consider hiring (free or paid) interns from local colleges and universities. For example, we had wonderful full-time help for 3 months this summer from a Co-op education student who was getting paid by her program to work for us. Also, Katimavik éco-stage, if that works in your province. For the cost of 500$, you get a full-time intern for one semester. We are getting one this fall to set up an (arts-based, of course) "intergenerational solidarity" program!

-There are provincial employment programs (Labour Ministry) to support unemployed/unexperienced workers. We got a 6-month and a 2-yr. grant. They are available to any NGOs and even businesses. 

-i agree with Janis-local buy-in. Get as many support letters as you can!

Hoping this helps!


Rachel, Coop Le Milieu



Hi Renee- Thanks for your question. I hope others will add their thoughts.

Often funding partners need proof of your capacity to do what you say you want to do. Maintaining a practice in one place overtime is valuable proof! Start by friend-raising and build relationships with people over time who are interested in the team's work. Seek out funding partners who share your passion and mission to bring the arts to diverse participants, and/ or specific combinations of targeted participants, in order to extend accessibility to the arts and increase wellness of the entire community. Demonstration of local buy-in is essential. Build a diverse funding portfolio that includes efforts from participating neighbours and their organizing bodies.

Please ADD your art hive activities to this website/ map so potential partners can see what amazing work you have been doing.

Our hope is that together we can create a buzz and collectively invite funding partners to join our efforts to create a sustainable art hub in every community!

Best of luck and stay in touch!


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