Can it be, that we're the only ArtHive in The United States?

Hi Everyone! We're The 296 ProjectThe 296 Project is a Nonprofit Veteran Service Organization. Our mission is to promote, fund, support and advocate for art and expressive therapies as a means to combat the painful symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Injury (PTSD/I) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The 296 Project is a non-profit VSO however we are not a chartered government organization. Though we can compete for government grants a vast majority of our funding, about 99%, comes from the generosity of those who support us by making one time or recurring donations.

If you're a Veteran of any branch of our Armed Forces and suffer from PTSD/I and/or TBI, we want to help. We have programs you can apply for that can help you express yourself in a productive and therapeutic way, we'd like to give you a voice where you may not have had one before. Additionally, you can apply for a la carte aid for any therapeutic service we dont provide.

Our newest venture is the first of it's kind anywhere in the world, it's an Art Studio meant to provide resources for active duty and veteran military personnel to find art, to create and to express. 

This new Combat Veterans Healing Space will broaden the organization’s mission, promoting the creative arts as an outlet for veterans who may be uncomfortable with formal therapy or simply need a space for expression through the visual, written and performing arts. If you can’t afford to pay for art therapy with a board certified art therapist, my guess is you are not going to go out and spend money on canvas, paint brushes, clay, guitars or amps. We’re just a a nonprofit that’s here to help if you need to express yourself.

Please visit us at and if you're feeling generous, please considering donating monetarily or in-kind. 

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