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Food ARC - Mount Saint Vincent University
166 Bedford Hwy
B3M 2J6 Halifax
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 13:00 to 16:00

Meeting topic: Art Hives as a vehicle for social and economic change. 

On April 22nd from 1-4pm a meeting of inter-sector leaders will gather at Mount Saint Vincent University to explore an emerging opportunity to use the Art Hives model as a practical way to accomplish the complex social and economic change goals of various organizations and sectors in Nova Scotia. The meeting will be hosted by Janis Timm-Bottos Art Hives Founder joining virtually from Montreal, Ardra Cole Associate Vice-President Academic and Research, Mount Saint Vincent University and Ryan Veltmeyer Co-founder of Youth Art Connection. This meeting will also serve to help create the agenda for a Nova Scotia-based Art Hives Symposium in the fall of 2015. 

Why Art Hives matter... 

-to communities: Nova Scotia is experiencing an increasing number of concerning trends impacting our communities, especially out-migration of youth, a disconnection between generations, and an attitude that makes the implementation of new ideas and and new solutions to social problems challenging. By nurturing creativity, building relationships between various groups and teaching people to think and act like a ‘maker’ or entrepreneur, Art Hives positively impact attitudes and relationships in communities, and help create the positive memories which will bring youth home and attract new energy and ideas. 

-to universities: Art Hives offer a unique opportunity for universities and communities to work together to address complex social issues. They provide a middle ground between the university and the greater community in order to mentor students through hands-on practical engagement; a site for knowledge production and exchange, welcoming multiple ways of knowing. 

-to the local economy: Ray Ivany’s OneNS report painted a bleak picture of the province, but outlined concrete goals and strategies for making the changes needed to adapt to the economic and demographic trends in our province. Various groups around the province are starting conversations and actions based on the OneNS report, and many of these are highlighting community events, culture and gathering opportunities and key strategic goals. Art Hives are community hubs for creativity, relationship building, asset-based thinking, testing new ideas, working between social groups and sectors, entrepreneurism and community engagement. Ray Ivany has called for a 180 degree direction change in Nova Scotia, not just a shift. Creative, positive and connected thinking will be the main skills and attitudes needed to navigate the change ahead, and our communities need a variety of spaces and methods for encouraging this. The model and nature of each community Art Hive adapts to the needs and dreams of each community, and are a perfect tool for helping creative entrepreneurs think outside the box in a supportive environment. 

“If you are a scientist or engineer, an architect or designer, a writer, artist, or musician, or if your creativity is a key factor in your work in business, education, health care, law, or some other profession, you are a member.” ― Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class--Revisited: 10th Anniversary Edition--Revised and Expanded 

...“more effective and efficient deployment of current resources combined with changes in attitudes, policies, and practices across all business, government, and community sectors.” ― Ray Ivany’s OneNS Report,Commissioner's foreword 

Article in the Montreal Gazette about Art Hives in Montreal:

Ray Ivany Commission’s OneNS Report Building the Nova Scotian Economy 

Report of how Creative Sector has impacted the economy in Austin Texas:

Richard Florida is a leading PhD on the impact of creativity on the economy: Event Details: 

Time/date: 1-4pm, April 22nd 
Location: Food ARC, 2 Melody Dr, Mount Saint Vincent University, 
RSVP: Krista Montelpare 
For more information call Ryan Veltmeyer at 902-579-4673 or email

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