Poverty & the Arts Studio + Gallery

1114-A 3rd Ave S
37210 Nashville , TN
United States
Tennessee US
Opening Hours: 

Monday, Thursday, Friday: 11am-3pm & Saturday, Sunday: 9am-3pm



Contact information: 

creative@povertyandthearts.org | 1114-A 3rd Ave S Nashville, TN 37210 | 502-600-1221


Current status: 

 Poverty & the Arts, located in the Wedgewood Houston Neighborhood of South Nashville, is a haven for homeless artists to foster their creativity and form meaningful community. The Artist Collective program is a place for homeless artists to utilize the 3rd Avenue South studio space to create meaningful works in partnership with mentors from the local art community. Finished works are displayed in the gallery of the studio space as well is in businesses and personal collections across the city. Program participants receive a substantial percentage of the monies received from the sale of artwork and other Poverty & the Arts merchandise. Most importantly, these artists form meaningful relationships with each other and PovA volunteers, the tools to creative something of beauty, and the connections necessary to secure housing, employment, and other life necessities.

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