• The Midcoast Art Hive is a community art studio free and open to the public.   

    It is hosted by the Art Loft Rockland.

  • The Making Space is a free community art studio with the goal of enriching the Shenandoah Valley through Creativity and Connection. We provide some demonstrations of art processes, some inspiration starters, space and supplies, free admittance, and encourage idea and technique sharing between all Makers present. 

  • Making community and promoting well-being through the arts.

  • Creating Space is a community arts studio that fosters connection and resilience by making art of all sorts, telling stories, and learning together in Nogojiiwanong Peterborough, Ontario.

    All are welcome. No skill necessary, only curiosity + a willingness to try.

    We aim to practice radical hospitality and inclusion, responding in creative ways to things that matter in our community. We do this through hosting pop-up creative arts booths and activities around town.

    It is our privilege to live, learn, work and engage in creative play on Mississauga Anishinaabe traditional territory.

  • The Create-Tiv Hive Projects invites students, former students, alumni, friends, family and supporters in the community at the Create Institute in Toronto to build community through the arts.  The Create-Tive Hive Projects hosts a series of pop-hives leading to the Create Festival April 21, 2018 . Donations of art making are appreciated and support the JSDH Bursary.  Research in community arts.  

  • The Dollard Centre for the Arts
    Free drop-in ART HIVE
    For adults and seniors
    In the Art Studios  of the Dollard Cultural Centre

    Express your creativity in our new community art studio. An opportunity to try out art materials, share your skills, learn, teach, play and make new friends!
    No experience necessary.
    Materials provided.
    Free coffee and cookies.

    If you have any art materials to donate (wool, beads, paper, etc.) we'd be happy to accept.

    Le Centre des Arts de Dollard

  • Craft knows no boundaries, limits, inhibitions... "The Hive" is a space that allows creative freedom to express ones feelings. We learn, share, teach various crafting techniques and talk about crafting traditions from different cultures.  

    It is a free pop-up art space, launching at the Taste of Colombia, with likelihood of opening at other locations in the community as we grow and gather volunteers in our collaborative artistic endeavour! 

  • La FabricARThèque de la Bibliothèque du Vieux-Saint-Laurent est un espace de création communautaire qui encourage l’expression artistique de tous les membres de la communauté. Elle se veut un milieu de rencontres intergénérationnelles et multiculturelles fertiles, un véritable tiers-lieu de possibilités créatives où chacun est invité à apprendre, partager et expérimenter des techniques ancrées dans les pratiques artistiques et artisanales de tous les groupes ethniques qui façonnent notre communauté.

  • Our mission is to cultivate lifelong learning and exploration to enrich our community, schools, and economy through creativity, conversation, and collaboration. 

    We envision a vibrant and sustainable community that is supportive of the arts, education, and culture. We envision a community that has a strong sense of place and is active with varied outlets for recreation. We envision an integrated and multi-generational community that is welcoming to families and kids and where our elderly are able to age with dignity. We envision a community and a world where the wisdom needed to bridge barriers, and change lives for the better, begins with a sense of wonder. 

    To accomplish our mission and realize our vision, we strive to build an interdependent supportive community in which people from diverse social, cultural, racial, spiritual, and economic backgrounds are empowered to find common ground.

  • La Ruche d'Art du G.A.L.T. est un  local collectif ouvert aux initiatives, un lieu de rencontre et de soutien de la participation citoyenne et de ses collaborateurs, rempli d'activités créatives!

    La Ruche est ouverte à tout(e)s.
    Les enfants de moins de 12 ans doivent être accompagnés d’un adulte ou être sous la garde d’une personne de 12 ans et plus.

  • Alternative Creations Studio was founded on the steadfast belief that every person has the ability to create beautiful things. We create a space and an opportunity for people with developmental disabilities to showcase their artistic skills and to express themselves creatively. Our artists go to the beat of their own drum, to create masterful, beautiful, interesting, provocative, wild, stunning and curious art.
    All of our artists face barriers which they translate into celebrations on canvas. This is more than art; It’s a revolution!

  • The Foreman Art Gallery's Community Art Lab positions itself on the cutting edge between art, education, and community development with the goal of exploring how these worlds collide and interact with one another.



  • Un lieu créatif, social et ouvert à tous pour y faire de l'art gratuitement



  • What if we could connect with each other, our community, & ourselves through the arts?

    What if we had a place we could go where we were seen as creative beings, capable & whole?

    What if that place were free, offered a variety of materials, space, & encouragement to create?

    What if it were okay to knit quietly on your own, make a mural with a group, write a poem, work on a song, scribble with charcoal and paint over it with bright blue paint?

  • Stony Point Center is a retreat and conference center 35 miles north of NY City in the lower Hudson River Valley. Along with the running of a conference center, we are unique in the fact that there is a continuing and intentional multi-faith community of Muslim, Christians and Jews, known as the Community of Living Traditions. The Art Space, as well as the 1-acre farm, compliments the community's collective efforts to generate the seeds of positive change in the world.

  •     Welcome, Sackville Art Hive!  

    April 27, 2017


    Care about art? Community? Inclusivity? Youth?  You'll love our new members.



  • Un charmant petit espace en accès libre, pour tous ! GRATUIT!
    Artisanat, arts visuels, bricolage, tricot, couture et plus encore. Il y en a pour tous les goûts !
    Pour plaisir de créer, de s'amuser et de partager des savoir-faire. 
    Découvrez ce lieu unique !


  • Free drop-in ART HIVE
    at the Côte Saint-Luc Public Library For adults and seniors
  • Community-wide “pop-up” style art activities will help promote health and community engagement in unexpected ways and locations. Open to all 352 residents, the goal is to create healthy communities through everyday acts of creativity – founded on the idea that anyone, using even the simplest of materials, can create something amazing.

  • Libractivité est une Ruche d'Art portative, mise sur pied par Édith Cambrini, artiste multidisciplinaire,  qui offre des ateliers créatifs pour tous à travers les Cantons-de-l'Est, principalement dans la région de l'Armandie. 

    Les premiers ateliers auront lieu à Frelighsburg et à Dunham à l'hiver 2017. Suivez notre page Facebook pour tous les détails:

  • The Fiber Hive is an open and inclusive community art studio dedicated to engaging people of diverse backgrounds in fiber arts, craftivism, skill sharing, and community building.

  • The NDG Art Hive was born from the volunteer-run Cheap Art Collective of St. Raymond’s (founders of the annual Hallowe'en Melrose Tunnel decorating). We believe that community-building and art-making go hand-in-hand.The Collective is inspired by the international Art Hive model that links art studios across the globe to “create multiple opportunities for dialogue, skill sharing, and art making between people of differing socio-economic backgrounds, ages, cultures and abilities.” 

  • La Ruche d'Art de l'AATQ est un espace de création mensuel ouvert aux membres de l'AATQ ainsi qu'à toute personne intéressée à découvrir l'art thérapie. 

    The AATQ Art Hive is a monthly creative space open to AATQ members and anyone interested in discovering art therapy. 

  • Jewish Eldercare is a  long-term care facility located in the Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood of Montreal,  that houses members of the Jewish community that are elderly and/or chronically ill and provides a homelike environment to its 320 residents, according to Jewish traditions and values.

  • Green Wood Coalition is a radically inclusive, street-level organization that uses a community model of caring to walk alongside people who are hungry, homeless and hurting in Port Hope, Ontario.  

  • The Yellow Door Hive is a space where you can engage in various activities or lead your own. It offers a warm environment where everyone is accepted, supported, and encouraged to grow.

    Recurrent weekly activities include woodcarving, art hive, meditation, tea sessions, yoga and movement/dance. 

    To see what else goes on at The Yellow Door check out their website:

  • The Art Hive at Sherbrooke Forest was created as a result of a lot of happy coincidences. La Ruche D'art NDG had a great impact on the community so when residents of Sherbrooke Forest & Benny Farm realised they might be able to have access at a community space they jumped at the chance. The Sherbrooke Forest Art Hive is a 4 1/2 apartment right in the middle of NDG. For the short term we will be open every Saturday from 1-4. We will have workshops and Open Studio. Our volunteers have been working hard and as soon as we are settled we will add some more open studio hours.

  • Pour et par le citoyen, La Ruche est un lieu de rassemblement qui permet d’échanger, de partager, mais surtout de grandir dans un environnement commun par l’appui des membres citoyens, des organismes et des entrepreneurs dans leurs activités et le démarrage de nouveaux projets, sous les termes de nos valeurs coopérantes.

  • Coeur Studio est un organisme sans but lucratif entretenant la vision d'un monde au sein duquel les arts sont reconnus pour le rôle important qu’ils jouent dans leur communauté.

  • A creative incubator where artists with and without disabilities gather to connect, create and exhibit.  A multi-generational community that offers studio space for adults, summer classes for kids and workshops for all.  The space is also available for sublease for artists groups and performances.  

  • Chèvre et Pommes est un café éducatif et artistique à vocation sociale situé en plein cœur du centre-ville de Drummondville.

    Que ce soit pour relaxer autour d’un café, travailler, étudier, lire ou vous impliquer dans la vie communautaire, tout est possible. C’est un lieu d’échanges inclusif et dynamique.

    Nous considérons chaque personne comme un-e artiste à part entière et c’est pourquoi nous offrons du matériel accessible sur place pour bricoler.

  • Our art program is free to the public (no previous experience required), in an inclusive environment with barrier free access.  Please join us for fun, friendship, and creativity!




  • The Art Hive at The Arts Centre at Cedar Hill is created for teens aged 12-17 years. Art Hive welcomes everyone as an artist. Participants explore art-making in a relaxed environment, experiment with a range of materials and become part of a creative community. No experience or registration is required. Supplies and light refreshments are available.

  • ArtHives at ArtsJunktion are an open, welcoming, free space for community members to gather and create.  Work on a project already in process or start something new.  Access ArtsJunktion's fabulous warehouse of reclaimed, paywhatyoucan materials and supplies.  Crafting.  Creating.  Community.  

  • NEXTDOOR is an inclusive arts-based group. We come together on a weekly basis to reflect on poetry, and to enjoy the process of art making in the spirit of building community and friendship.

  • Temple Art Hive - Kaveret Omanut -  hopes to model the way in which communities can build activities and programs with everyone in mind. People with disabilities, people without disabilities, their friends, family members, neighbours and caregivers, all participating in art-making side-by-side. Our Art Hive takes a holistic approach to inclusion, and is committed to working together to find creative ways for people of all abilities to engage as artists. We welcome everyone to come co-create in a fun, save, and supportive space that celebrates everyone's strengths.


  • Support for artists--especially would-be artists; space, time, materials, instruction and encouragement.

  • 'Bee Creative' is an art venture with community in mind, It is a project established to address a need for accessible art workshops for children that reflect the need for children to play and explore, get messy, get expressive and create something new! Creative curiosity should be carried throughout life; little and large, as we begin a new job or friendship or even attempt making a new recipe-to try something we haven't before-to 'Bee Creative'. 

    'Bee Creative' offers a range of art workshops:


    Edible Printmaking

    Paint and Wear

    Beach-Combing Sculpture 

    Play with Clay 

    Storybook Art  

    Art 'Beet'

    Children+Paint='Action Painting' 




    Make-up Mania


    Print and Wear

    Jewellery making

    Birdhouse Bonanza 

    Play with Clay

    Swooon- Artist's we love 

    Drawing to the Moon and Back  

    Paper Making


    Big Draw




    'Art as Therapy'

    Printmaking Masterclass: Mono-printing (with Chine Colle)

    Printmaking Masterclass: Dry-point printmaking 

    Printmkaing Masterclass: Collograph printmaking

    Watercolour painting 

    Paper Making

    Swooon- Artist's we love 

    Big Draw


  • Community Wellness Through Art Initiative

    The Community Wellness Through Art Initiative is a program at the Inverness County Center for the Arts in Inverness, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

    Art making can be used as a support for wellness within communities, families and individuals. The Community Wellness Through Art Initiatve invites members of the public to explore art making and how it can contribute to wellness. 

    NO art making experience is necessary. These open studio workshops will be fun and for members of our community of all ages!

  • The Eastmain Art Hive is located in the Cree Nation of Eastmain on the east coast of the James Bay. It is a gathering space where people can share their cultural knowledge, engage in art-making activities and develop creative skills. Intergenerational learning is encouraged and serves as a way to ensure that traditional knowledge does not get lost to new generations. The Eastmain Art Hive has open studio time for all ages and abilities as well as Seasonal Workshops such as: teepee making and canvas projects, ceremonial outfit making and Tamarack Goose making.

  • The West Island Art Hive is now OPEN! We are pleased to invite the West Island community to come and enjoy the Art Hive experience; the joys of creating art and making connections with other art-enthusiasts. We are open on Saturdays, 1-4pm. See below for full descriptions.

  • Share, nurture creativity, learn

  • The Music Hive is a burgeoning organization based in Montreal who's main purpose is to promote music therapy through in-services and social outreach.  Our vision is to make music and music therapy accessible to all walks of life. Our on-site services include music therapy sessions, adapted lessons, group sessions and workshops, as well as professional recording.  Additional programming is done on-location in community settings.  



  • S.A.Y. (Stories - Art - You) is a project based in Malmö - Sweden, for youth and young adults with experience of migration. 

    S.A.Y. is about learning from each other and expressing important questions through various artistic forms. 

    S.A.Y. is questionning which stories and voices are seen and heard in the society.

  • La ruche Yéléma est un espace de liberté créative chaleureux, intergénérationnel et inclusif qui ouvrira ses portes au printemps 2016 dans les locaux de l’organisme communautaire L’Oasis des enfants de Rosemont. Fondée par Nelly Daou, coach en développement personnel basée dans Rosemont, avec le soutien de l’équipe de L’Oasis, d’artistes et de citoyens, la Ruche Yéléma existe et se développe par et pour la communauté. Accessible à toutes et tous, les activités créatives, ludiques et gratuites que la Ruche propose sont le fruit des initiatives de tous ceux qui partagent l’idée que chacun porte en lui un élan créateur qui peut être utile à l’Autre.

  • The Spot is a free, drop-in youth music & arts arts program, helping priority youth to connect, express themselves, and get mentorship from local artists and musicians in a safe and supportive creative atmosphere.

    The Spot is a FREE artistic space for anyone under 30. At The Spot you can play and record music, write, draw, paint, sculpt, take photos and videos, and anything else you can think of. Local artists are around to offer their experience, and there are always other people being creative alongside you. Snacks, coffee and tea are available throughout the evening.


  • The Red Road Lodge/Studio 631 provides an open art studio for the vulnerable community members in our neighborhood and other service agencies that include our population. Some workshops are structure featuring artist from our transitional and emergency housing facility. There is also a Spontaneous Art afternoon once a week led by an art therapist and facilitated ny staff and volunteers.


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