• Waterfall Arts is a non-profit contemporary arts center located in Belfast, Maine. creating community in harmony with nature through the transformative power of the arts.

    We are thrilled to offer an Art Hive in Mid-coast Maine. Our Pop-Up open studio sessions are for everyone! A variety of materials will be available for you to create with, including: Paints, Pastels, Collage, Fiber arts, etc. Come experience the transformative power of art in a safe and encouraging environment where all are welcome.

  • A community-based Art Hive in Downtown Bloomington, Illinois with Open Hives for creating anything as well as special Mini-Classes, Classes, and private events.

  • Nous sommes un organisme nouvellement fondé. Nous accueillons les gens dans notre atelier pour créer tous ensemble des oeuvres :)

    Nous offrons aussi des ateliers dans divers organismes ou communauté de notre région. 

  • The Newcomer Café is a space frequented by immigrants, refugees, and locals getting together to offer support to each other. It is a volunteer ran café, where everyone's active participation is encouraged. Relationships happen organically in a space where inclusion, social justice, and activism are imperative to its existence. The Newcomer Art Hive is now part of this initiative to add creativity and alternative ways of communication and sharing into the mix!

  • ECHO HOUSE est une communauté artistique dédiée à fournir un espace et des ressources pour la recherche et la création artistique. Echo House opère le Coop Café Les Renards, un café communautaire et bibliothèque. Tous les profits du café vont directement au soutien de nos résidences artistiques et de nos activités communautaires. Grâce à cette structure à but non lucratif, nous visons à atténuer les pressions économiques qui entravent l'expérimentation dans la pratique créative.

  • The St. Margaret's Art Hive is the newest art therapy programming offered in the St. Margaret's Residence and Long Term Care. Currently the attendance is limited to the community within St. Margaret's. This is to encourage internal community engagement through art making. This includes staff, caregivers, current residents, their friends and family. If you or a friend, or family member resides in or works at St. Margaret's, feel free to contact us for more information, or come join us on a Thursday afternoon soon! 

  • Enjoyable, accessible community group programs relieve stress and overwhelm, promote emotional health & foster personal & spiritual growth in a vitalizing, judgement-free environment. By awakening our sense of shared humanity, art-making strengthens communities, one person at a time.

  • The Together! Art Club is FREE and meets on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am-12noon at Vicarage Lane Community Centre, Govier Close, Stratford E15 4HW. The Art Club is targeted at Disabled* people and their companions, but non-disabled people are welcome as volunteers. There is no need for individuals to book; just turn up. 

  • Courageous heARTS is a nonprofit art studio in south Minneapolis that centers youth as leaders and serves the whole community. Our mission is to illuminate youth as leaders and inspire creativity, courage, and collaboration throughout the whole community. We consider our studio a safety net for creativity and place value on the process of creating rather that the product. Visit our website for more information!

  • Free tea and materials for all!

    Open Sundays 1-5pm . We have a dance studio + a craft space!

    There will also be periodic workshops on various art forms (such as dance, painting, drawing, photography, performance, voice, and more!). 

    Open to all ages, interests, abiltiies, genders, etc .... :) 

    Come drink tea and make something!

    Everything is free :) simply show up.


  • ArtWorks is a free community art studio that has been in existence since 2007. The intitial studio was created in response to NIMBYism (not in my back yard-ism) in a gentrifying neighborhood in Chicago that had long been the home of numerous social service organizations. Some people new to the neighborhood were opposed to being neighbors with people who had serious mental illness, or were homeless, or had problems with substance use.

  • Art Hive is on occasional Saturday's from 2-4 pm, please check facebook to know more details.  For Art Hive all art materials are free for use in Studio and donations are accepted.  Under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Set up and clean up is required by participants and there will be an artist availabe at all times but no structured instruction will be provided.

  • Art Hive London welcomes everyone as an artist and community collaborator. We believe we are more than just consumers on this planet and that by creating together we build a sense of belonging! 

  • La Ruche d’Art du CAFi

    Atelier de création libre ouvert aux femmes immigrantes

    Tous les mardis de 13h30 jusqu'à 15h30

    La Ruche d’Art est un atelier d’art communautaire qui accueille tout le monde en tant qu’artiste. Cette espace de création vise l’inclusion, le respect et l’apprentissage. C’est un lieu accueillant pour dialoguer, créer, construire une communauté et obtenir un support émotionnel.

  • The Blackrock Park Art Hive is located in Blackrock, County Louth. Blackrock is a traditional seaside village on the east coast of Ireland.

  • JOA (Joy Of Arts) is a social entreprise that offers trainings and workshops in creative expression and promotes the therapeutic benefits of art.
    JOA is committed through JOA Community to bring art to vulnerable populations in Morocco and Africa.


  • Au Fab Lab AST, vous avez accès à un laboratoire de fabrication numérique à la fine pointe de la technologie qui comprend des équipements tels que: une découpeuse laser (Trotec Speedy 360), 2 imprimantes 3D (Formlabs Form 2 et Ultimaker 3+), un traceur de découpe (Roland GS-24), une presse à chaud, deux CNC (une de haute précision et une autre grand format), un studio d'enregistrement ainsi qu'un banc d'électronique.

  • Community art studio which welcomes everyone as an artist. We work with the Arterie to provide instruction, supplies and support in all creative endeavors. There is something new every week and we love seeing everyone's unique creations. Drop in to explore colour and intention through creating in a supportive group environment. All ages welcome.

  • June 1, 2018

    The Transition Age Youth (TAY) Academy provides safe, inclusive, youth-led drop-in resource centers in North County San Diego. TAY is dedicated to serving youth and young adults in a manner which is knowledgeable of, and sensitive to, the trauma occurring in their lives. Our Safe Place is an office within TAY who serves LGBTQIA youth. Our regular schedule holds space for art and creativity every week. We are excited to invite your youth and family to share in our warm and vibrant community.

  • Get Creative! Experiment with art materials to increase your health and well-being! Join us at Trafalgar’s Library to experience the transformative power of shared creativity at Sheridan’s Art Hive Initiative.

    Everyone’s invited to upcycle/re-cycle arts and crafts materials, build community, and generate positive vibes that increase our sustainability buzz, too. Drop-ins are welcome. Stay for 5 minutes or the full time.

  • The Concordia Art Hive (SGW Campus), facilitated by Creative Arts Therapies students, welcomes the Concordia community and everyone else for free and open art making!

    Join us for self-care, skillsharing and community building! Our space is wheelchair accessible. 

    Our abundance of art supplies is provided graciously by the Concordia University Creative Reuse Centre. Check them out!


    The Pop-Up Art Hive at the Zen Den

  • Discover our free ART HIVE at St George's! We are three graduate students engaged in our Master of  Psychotherapy and Spirituality (Art Therapy Specialisation) at St Stephen's College on the U of Alberta campus in Edmonton. We host a twice monthly art hive designed to inspire creativity and build community.  Our first art hive was held on October 7th, 2016 and we have hosted 35 art hives since that day.  

  • Native Immigrant and Métèque have collaborated to open Native Immigrant Art Hive, a space to share our stories, create art, and love the land.

  • Venez partager votre plaisir de créer dans une ambiance conviviale 

  • La ruche d’art MFV vous offre la possibilité de venir passer des moments en famille mémorables ou encore des moments tranquilles entre parents. Plusieurs matériaux d’arts sont mis à votre disposition pour stimuler l’émergence de votre créativité. La Ruche vous offre également l’opportunité d’essayer de nouvelles techniques artistiques tout en partageant vos passions avec les autres participants. Venez visiter notre Ruche qui vous permettra de faire la connaissance de personnes inspirantes provenant de tous les milieux.

  • The Midcoast Art Hive is a community art studio free and open to the public.   

    It is hosted by the Art Loft Rockland.

  • The Making Space is a free community art studio with the goal of enriching the Shenandoah Valley through Creativity and Connection. We provide some demonstrations of art processes, some inspiration starters, space and supplies, free admittance, and encourage idea and technique sharing between all Makers present. 

  • Making community and promoting well-being through the arts.

  • Creating Space is a community arts studio that fosters connection and resilience by making art of all sorts, telling stories, and learning together in Nogojiiwanong Peterborough, Ontario.

    All are welcome. No skill necessary, only curiosity + a willingness to try.

    We aim to practice radical hospitality and inclusion, responding in creative ways to things that matter in our community. We do this through hosting pop-up creative arts booths and activities around town.

  • The Create-Tiv Hive Projects invites students, former students, alumni, friends, family and supporters in the community at the Create Institute in Toronto to build community through the arts.  The Create-Tive Hive Projects hosts a series of pop-hives leading to the Create Festival April 21, 2018 . Donations of art making are appreciated and support the JSDH Bursary.  Research in community arts.  

  • Le Centre des Arts de Dollard

    La halte-accueil gratuite de la RUCHE D'ART  pour les adultes et les aînés
    aux Studios d'art du Centre culturel de Dollard.

    Exprimez votre créativité dans nos très populaires studios d'art communautaires.

    Une occasion d'essayer du materiel d'art, de partager vos compétences, d'apprendre, d'enseigner, de jouer et de vous faire de nouveaux amis!
    Aucune experience requise.
    Le matériel sera fourni.
    Café et biscuits seront gracieusement offerts.

  • Craft knows no boundaries, limits, inhibitions... "The Hive" is a space that allows creative freedom to express ones feelings. We learn, share, teach various crafting techniques and talk about crafting traditions from different cultures.  

    It is a free pop-up art space, launching at the Taste of Colombia, with likelihood of opening at other locations in the community as we grow and gather volunteers in our collaborative artistic endeavour! 

  • La FabricARThèque de la Bibliothèque du Vieux-Saint-Laurent est un espace de création communautaire qui encourage l’expression artistique de tous les membres de la communauté. Elle se veut un milieu de rencontres intergénérationnelles et multiculturelles fertiles, un véritable tiers-lieu de possibilités créatives où chacun est invité à apprendre, partager et expérimenter des techniques ancrées dans les pratiques artistiques et artisanales de tous les groupes ethniques qui façonnent notre communauté.

  • Our mission is to cultivate lifelong learning and exploration to enrich our community, schools, and economy through creativity, conversation, and collaboration. 

    We envision a vibrant and sustainable community that is supportive of the arts, education, and culture. We envision a community that has a strong sense of place and is active with varied outlets for recreation. We envision an integrated and multi-generational community that is welcoming to families and kids and where our elderly are able to age with dignity. We envision a community and a world where the wisdom needed to bridge barriers, and change lives for the better, begins with a sense of wonder. 

    To accomplish our mission and realize our vision, we strive to build an interdependent supportive community in which people from diverse social, cultural, racial, spiritual, and economic backgrounds are empowered to find common ground.

  • La Ruche d'Art du G.A.L.T. est un  local collectif ouvert aux initiatives, un lieu de rencontre et de soutien de la participation citoyenne et de ses collaborateurs, rempli d'activités créatives!

    La Ruche est ouverte à tout(e)s.
    Les enfants de moins de 12 ans doivent être accompagnés d’un adulte ou être sous la garde d’une personne de 12 ans et plus.

  • Alternative Creations Studio was founded on the steadfast belief that every person has the ability to create beautiful things. We create a space and an opportunity for people with developmental disabilities to showcase their artistic skills and to express themselves creatively. Our artists go to the beat of their own drum, to create masterful, beautiful, interesting, provocative, wild, stunning and curious art.
    All of our artists face barriers which they translate into celebrations on canvas. This is more than art; It’s a revolution!

  • The Foreman Art Gallery's Community Art Lab positions itself on the cutting edge between art, education, and community development with the goal of exploring how these worlds collide and interact with one another.



  • Un lieu créatif, social et ouvert à tous pour y faire de l'art gratuitement



  • What if we could connect with each other, our community, & ourselves through the arts?

    What if we had a place we could go where we were seen as creative beings, capable & whole?

    What if that place were free, offered a variety of materials, space, & encouragement to create?

    What if it were okay to knit quietly on your own, make a mural with a group, write a poem, work on a song, scribble with charcoal and paint over it with bright blue paint?

  • Stony Point Center is a retreat and conference center 35 miles north of NY City in the lower Hudson River Valley. Along with the running of a conference center, we are unique in the fact that there is a continuing and intentional multi-faith community of Muslim, Christians and Jews, known as the Community of Living Traditions. The Art Space, as well as the 1-acre farm, compliments the community's collective efforts to generate the seeds of positive change in the world.

  •     Welcome, Sackville Art Hive!  

    April 27, 2017


    Care about art? Community? Inclusivity? Youth?  You'll love our new members.



  • Un charmant petit espace en accès libre, pour tous ! GRATUIT!
    Artisanat, arts visuels, bricolage, tricot, couture et plus encore. Il y en a pour tous les goûts !
    Pour plaisir de créer, de s'amuser et de partager des savoir-faire. 
    Découvrez ce lieu unique !


  • Free drop-in ART HIVE
    at the Côte Saint-Luc Public Library For adults and seniors
  • Community-wide “pop-up” style art activities will help promote health and community engagement in unexpected ways and locations. Open to all 352 residents, the goal is to create healthy communities through everyday acts of creativity – founded on the idea that anyone, using even the simplest of materials, can create something amazing.

  • Libractivité est une Ruche d'Art portative, mise sur pied par Édith Cambrini, artiste multidisciplinaire,  qui offre des ateliers créatifs pour tous à travers les Cantons-de-l'Est, principalement dans la région de l'Armandie. 

    Les premiers ateliers auront lieu à Frelighsburg et à Dunham à l'hiver 2017. Suivez notre page Facebook pour tous les détails:

  • The Fiber Hive is an open and inclusive community art studio dedicated to engaging people of diverse backgrounds in fiber arts, craftivism, skill sharing, and community building.

  • The NDG Art Hive was born from the volunteer-run Cheap Art Collective of St. Raymond’s (founders of the annual Hallowe'en Melrose Tunnel decorating). We believe that community-building and art-making go hand-in-hand.The Collective is inspired by the international Art Hive model that links art studios across the globe to “create multiple opportunities for dialogue, skill sharing, and art making between people of differing socio-economic backgrounds, ages, cultures and abilities.” 

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